Mike Cryans For Executive Council

As Executive Councilor, Mike will invest in the economy, protect taxpayers, and fight to strengthen New Hampshire’s middle class, as he did as Grafton County Commissioner. During his 17 years serving the people of Grafton County, almost all of them side by side with Ray Burton, Mike demonstrated the temperament of a bipartisan problem solver working across the aisle to fight for the interests of Grafton County.

Protecting Taxpayers:

Mike has a proven record of saving the taxpayer money by finding more effective and cost-efficient methods to administer  government services and facilities. As County Commissioner he asked the tough questions and fought to hold government contractors and State agencies accountable to the taxpayer. As a result county construction projects have come in under budget saving taxpayers hard earned money, including the construction of a county prison, which Mike was able to reduce from half its projected cost.

Investing in New Hampshire’s Economy:

The first district’s Executive Councilor does more than approve state contracts and confirm judicial and executive appointments; they are the advocate for the dozens of communities spanning four counties and over half the state’s land mass. Just as he has done as County Commissioner, Mike will make investing in New Hampshire’s economy one of his top priorities. That includes investing in the region’s infrastructure; maintaining the roads and bridges that New Hampshire businesses rely on every day to transport their products and sustain area’s important tourism economy.  Mike believes that a successful economy begins with success in the classroom.  As Executive Councilor, he will fight to increase funding that prepares the next generation for the jobs of the 21st Century, and provide for programs that provide a pipeline from local schools to decent middle class jobs.

Strengthening the Middle Class:

Equally important as investing in the programs and infrastructure that sustain the area’s economy, Mike will advocate for measures that protect working families and strengthen the middle class. He will work with local businesses to provide them with access to resources that will make them more competitive and lower health insurance burdens. On the Council, Mike will fight for working families and the vulnerable, advocating for medicaid expansion, an increase in the state minimum wage,  strengthened consumer protections, and Mike will support efforts to help our seniors.

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