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Larry Brown on Healthcare Vouchers

My granddaughter and I have a lot in common.  Her mother is, after all, my daughter.  But Nora and I have more in common than I would wish for any child.  She was one when her father died and so was I.

There was no health insurance for my father.  My mother had $34.72 left when all those bills were paid.  We moved to the kindness of her parents’ house in upstate New York – to a rural life of woodstove and backyard chickens, a Victory garden, and a Mason jar harvest on the cellar shelves (the string beans favored grey).  We had a home for the heart, food for the table, and hope for the coming day.  It is a kindness I will not forget. Thankfully, it is a kindness that my daughter did not need.

My son-in-law had health insurance at work.  When he could no longer work, Social Security Disability Income took up the slack.  And at the end he died at home with the comforts of Hospice, the love of family, and Social Security Survivor benefits for his widow and her child.

Paul Ryan’s budget does no harm to me – I’m over 55.  But Nora is only 7 and my good son-in-law, Byron J. Preston, died when he was 36.  There is nothing so certain as the uncertainty of our lives and the knowledge that every year Paul Ryan’s vouchers will buy you less.  What vote will you cast for your future and your family’s health?

Larry Brown
NH House of Representatives
Strafford 1 – Milton/Middleton

A Sweet Contest- N.H. Farm Museum In Milton Holds Annual Pie Fest

Help the Grange Help the Homeless

The Rochester Grange is having a kick-off collection next Saturday, September 29, to get items and cash donations for the Strafford Homeless Shelter. 

Go to: http://www.homelesscenterforstraffco.org/donate.html.

They'll be collecting in Rochester from 8:00 a.m. to noon - bedding, food, kitchen and cleaning supplies...all needed (See the complete list on the website).  If anyone has items to donate but cannot make the delivery, call me and we can take your donation down for you.

Susann Brown - 652-4306

Save the Date - October 21st!

Cole-McCrea on Sequestration

Sequestration - Kicking the can down the road
Federal funding reductions that will slash most federal  programs and entitlements by 8.2 % may take effect on Jan. 2, 2013.  These cuts are due to sequestration, in response to Congress not passing a budget deal last year.  The Obama administration has been fighting for us to keep this from happening.  If sequestration goes into effect, over $100 billion in cuts will take place across the board.
While Social Security and Medicaid are expected to remain as they are, Medicare is expected to lose 11 BILLION.  One billion will be dropped from special education.  Housing assistance will be dropped $14 million.  Developmental disabilities may face a 2.5 billion loss.  These are just some of the programs that will incur losses. Losses will occur in any program for which federal government has no mandatory funding requirement.  Therefore, forestry, environmental, infrastructure, and all other federal departments expect to suffer an 8.2 percent loss.
The only way to keep this from happening is to demand that our congressional representatives and senators work with the administration now to reach an agreement on a budget.  We, as citizens, must force both parties to work together for the well-being of the country of the whole.  Our country’s well-being must be the highest priority.
When I think of political loyalties that fly in the face of reality, I am reminded of a European rodent, a shrew.  If you put three shrews in a bottle, once they get hungry, two will gang up and eat the third, the weakest, alive.  A short time later, when the two remaining get hungry, they will turn on each other and one will succeed in eating the other alive.  Within a few hours thereafter, the remaining one will get gluttonously hungry and for lack of insight, will eat his own living body, to the death.
I should add that this scenario takes place in a jar that has an open mouth.  Since the shrews are too focused on their hunger and each other, they will not see the open mouth, nor strive to escape the crisis.  This experiment has been repeated numerous times.
I would hope that we citizens are smarter than shrews and that we insist that our congress does not seek to behave like shrews, seeking only for themselves, their parties, their interest groups, their financial backers for re-election, to the death of us all, starting with devouring the weakest citizens first (elderly, disabled, impoverished, veterans).   Insist they do not devour our country out of greed and self-interest  masked as false ideology.
If sequestration happens, we are all to blame.  Whether you like or dislike Obama is not the issue.  We need congress to work with the President now.
Candace Cole-McCrea
Candidate for State Rep, Strafford District 1

Cole-McCrea reports on State Committee for the Aging

 As representative and advocate for Strafford County, I attended the NH State Committee on Aging on September 10th.
A letter was sent to the NH Housing Authority requesting action relief for the housing crisis affecting low income, elderly and/or persons with disabilities within the state.

The senior volunteer program no longer pays mileage, which leaves many elders without means to pay drivers to take them to appointments.  The respite program is also at risk.  Both of these programs were taken out of the state budget two years ago and are now in the first draft of the new budget so please keep on your representatives!

  A Public Health grant has been applied for that would provide some oral health for persons over 60, within income guidelines,  that need a hygienist.  Right now, Medicaid only covers extractions.  Other grants applied for include one for Risk and Fall assessments, ServiceLink expansion to include counseling for persons who may need long term care but are not Medicaid eligible, and a grant to enable Adult and Elderly Protective Services to assist and support seniors who are or have been exploited.  Hopefully we will get these grants!

We were advised on the duties of the Long Term Care Ombudsman, who advocates for elders in nursing homes, assisted living, respite and family homes and acts independently of any state or private  agency.

It was pointed out that under Medicare, being hospitalized for observation for up to three days is not the same as  being admitted for three days…something I did not know. One has to be admitted in a hospital, not for observation,  for three days before Medicare will step in on a nursing home transfer cost.  We were advised to check for hospital status and financial options before being admitted to a nursing home…I sat there wondering how a person alone would be able to do that!  Medicare also needs to be called on Day 99 of a nursing home stay as Medicare will only pay 100% for the first 20 days, then 80% up to day 100, dependent upon and if and only if occupational therapy/physical therapy state adequate progress towards rehabilitation is being made.  We hope at some point that there will be trainings on this through ServiceLink, but that is not yet available.  We asked for training on Medicare so we can advise our communities; this should be forthcoming.

This summarizes my notes on the September meeting.  Any errors are mine only.  Feel free to contact me with any needs, solutions, or ideas.  Candace Cole-McCrea, 652-7594. snowyowl@metrocast.net.

Thank you Milton & Middleton voters

Larry Brown and Candace Cole-McCrea emerged victorious in Tuesday's Primary and thank each and every voter for your support.  The duo will seek to win the two Strafford District 1 State Rep seats on November 6th.  They will hope to be part of a return to a Democratic majority in Concord with a goal of serving all the residents of Middleton and Milton.  We also thank Cory Mattocks for his run - hope to see you more active in Democratic politics.

VOTE TUESDAY - 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

at the Emma Ramsey Center in Milton, under the Town Offices.  Primary voters will choose Federal and State candidates.  You'll be asked for ID but do not have to show it this election.  Ballot clerks will give you a sheet explaining what ID will be necessary for the November 6th election.  Every election is important.  Your vote is a responsibility of living in a democracy.  Thank you.