Tomorrow counts!!!

Tomorrow counts.  Every vote counts.  In New Hampshire over the course of decades there have been many races won by a tiny handful of votes - in some cases even one!  We need each of you, your friends, your relatives.

It is no small matter that we have such clear choices to be made.  Democrats fight for ordinary people.  WE have fought to get health care for millions more Americans, to bar exclusions for preexisting conditions, for young adults to remain on parents policies, for women's health care and the freedom to control her own body.

Democrats are fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare - not privatize it and voucher it to death.

Democrats fight to preserve public eduction so all our children can be educated for their future.  Democrats fight to fund UNH so our kids can attend a good state school without graduating with a mountain of debt.

Democrats worked to get stimulus money to NH to rebuild the Spaulding Turnpike, creating a boon to the economy and make transportation efficient and safer for the future. 

Democrats do not cut UNH funding by 50% and cut revenue to the state by cutting the cigarette tax.  "Study less, smoke more" is not a recipe for future success.

Civility and compromise have been driven from the State legislature over the past 2 years of Bill O'Brien's house.

Every vote counts.  Your vote counts.  Make yourself proud to have used the tool democracy gives you.  And make sure those kindred spirits you know do, too.

Thank you.  Thank yourself.