Landfill Article Defeated In A Landslide-Results Of Milton Town Warrant

The official results of the Milton Town Warrant included the following:

Articles 2 through 5 were zoning amendments, the most controversial of which was Article 3 seeking to allow a Solid Waste and Recycling facilities in Milton. All were resoundingly defeated

Article 6, the town’s operating budget, sought to raise $3,931,159.46. It passed 880 to 332.

Article 7 sought to raise $494,760, payable over seven years for the lease/purchase of three highway dump trucks with snowplow equipment. It passed 776 to 454.

Article 8 sought $290,000 for highway and road construction purposes, partly offset by a Highway Block Grant of $110,000. It passed 954 to 287.

Article 9 sought $143,000 for the final design and engineering plans for a new fire station to be bid later this year and presented to voters in 2016. It passed 716 to 538.

Article 10 sought $240,000 for the lease purchase of a highway grader. It passed 704 to 529.

Article 11 sought $20,000 for the Recreation Department’s Capital Reserve Fund for construction of a free municipal playground. It passed 803 to 448.

Article 12 sought a similar amount for the Milton Free Public Library Capital Reserve Fund. It passed 803 to 440.

Article 13 was zeroed out at the deliberative session. It was for video and recording equipment for meetings in the town hall. The vote was 909 to 293.

Article 14 sought $2,000 for Milton P.D.’s Computer and Radio Capital Reserve Fund. It passed 870 to 331.

Article 15 and 16 were to rescind improperly prepared articles from 2004 and 2005. Both were approved by margins of over 500 votes.

Article 17, for which department heads lobbied, sought authority for the Planning Board to prepare and amend a municipal capital improvement over a period of at least six years. This was an article for which town department heads had lobbied hard, and it was approved 875 to 301.

Article 18 sought to raise $40,000 for a Milton/Maine Bridges Capital Reserve Fund. It passed 880 to 323.

Article 19 sought to give authority to the Trustees of the Trust Funds for their work. It passed 798 to 370

Article 20 sought to give authority to the budget committee to determine the default budget, and was unanimously opposed by the selectmen. It passed 324 to 857.