Candidate-Candace Cole-McCrea-Strafford County District 1: Milton/Middleton

Vote for Two Democratic Candidates in this District One race.

Candidate-Candace Cole-McCrea-Strafford County District 1: Milton/Middleton


Candace Cole-McCrea is running for State Representative from Milton/Middleton because she believes that our society must be compassionate, but sees herself as a “frugal Democrat.” Recently, a Milton resident complimented her by referring to her as an old school Democrat..indeed one of her role models for life has been John Kennedy with his motto, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you cn do for your country.” Her other role model has been Dwight D. Eisenhower. Candace has been active on state governing councils for many years and has seen how the state steers towards the needs of the major cities , to the neglect of small towns. In her roles on councils, she has not been able to advocate strongly enough for the needs and goals of small towns/communities. This desire is why she has chosen to run for state rep.

Cole-McCrea serves on the NH Mental Health Planning Council, the Disability

Rights Board, the National Association for Mental Illness board for ethnic issues, and the NH Council on Aging and is newly appointed to the state transportation council. She teaches at the Strafford County Jail and Dover Adult Education. She is a certified employment specialist. She managed a group home for violent youth, served on the board of a battered women’s shelter, and fostered many disabled children.

 A retired department chair of Human Services, Social Sciences, Education and Early Childhood in the NH Community College System, Cole-McCrea maintains an active speaking, writing, and consulting business. She lives in Milton with her adopted son, Kes.