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Letters to the Editor — October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Thanks, Bill

To the Editor:

I talked to Representative Bill Remick of Lancaster this weekend. A Main Street Republican like Julie Brown, he was my seatmate in 2005. And, like Julie Brown, he will not be coming back. Why? It seems that voters up there also got a postcard – a big glossy postcard — a 4-color half-truth hatchet job like the one that cut down Dick Green.
There is personal speech and there is puppet-string speech with strings pulled from the shadows by money from far outside this state. If you get a big glossy postcard in your mailbox ask who wrote it and be sure to get their name.
In the meantime, please remember Bill Remick, Republican of Lancaster, a retired teacher of courtesy and calm assessment, a good legislator, and an honorable man – one more reminder of the bitter legacy of the O’Brien House.
This November, vote to bring the center back.

Larry Brown (D)

Candidate for NH House
Strafford Dist. 1