Larry Brown on Healthcare Vouchers

My granddaughter and I have a lot in common.  Her mother is, after all, my daughter.  But Nora and I have more in common than I would wish for any child.  She was one when her father died and so was I.

There was no health insurance for my father.  My mother had $34.72 left when all those bills were paid.  We moved to the kindness of her parents’ house in upstate New York – to a rural life of woodstove and backyard chickens, a Victory garden, and a Mason jar harvest on the cellar shelves (the string beans favored grey).  We had a home for the heart, food for the table, and hope for the coming day.  It is a kindness I will not forget. Thankfully, it is a kindness that my daughter did not need.

My son-in-law had health insurance at work.  When he could no longer work, Social Security Disability Income took up the slack.  And at the end he died at home with the comforts of Hospice, the love of family, and Social Security Survivor benefits for his widow and her child.

Paul Ryan’s budget does no harm to me – I’m over 55.  But Nora is only 7 and my good son-in-law, Byron J. Preston, died when he was 36.  There is nothing so certain as the uncertainty of our lives and the knowledge that every year Paul Ryan’s vouchers will buy you less.  What vote will you cast for your future and your family’s health?

Larry Brown
NH House of Representatives
Strafford 1 – Milton/Middleton