Cole-McCrea Announces Candidacy

Candace Cole-McCrea
Why am I running for state rep from Milton/Middleton?
This is the most important question.  Why am I running? 
I have a wonderful neighbor who is a great man and good friend.  At any time, day or night, 24/7 if I am in need, he will come over and fix whatever so I and my son are safe.  You see,  I use a wheelchair.  This neighbor comes to help  at all hours, smiling, never charging me for more than cost of materials, if that.  I live in a safer world because of him.
This neighbor is an outspoken Tea Party member.  I am a Democrat.  We both have sons about the same age with similar disabilities.  We both are struggling to help our sons  move into adult lives of meaning and value in a social world that is not so accepting of differences.  We both worry about our sons  futures after we are no longer able to care for them.
In so many ways, my neighbor and I are so much alike.  I strongly believe in helping everyone I can, whether they can pay me or not…so does he.  We both want fairness for our sons in the social world.  We both love New Hampshire and want the best for her future and for her citizens.  We both share similar frustrations in the current crises in our state, country and world.  We both want to live out our lives safely in our own homes.
My neighbor is a major reason why I am running for state rep.
I am heartbroken at the way our system has coached us all, all neighbors, to hate and tear each other apart for thinking differently.  I despair when i hear how people elected to represent their constituencies, sometimes,  actually work to manifest their own personal agendas without even listening to what their communities want or need… as if they, the elected, know what is best for everyone…”my way or else” has become the doctrine of public life.
 I thought elected persons were supposed to:
1.      Represent the  people who elected them to the best of their ability…isn’t that why we call them “representatives”?
2.     Be public servants…serve the citizenship and their communities and not dictate policy in an authoritarian way.
I think I have something to offer.  I have spent a lifetime learning how to find unity in differences.  I have years of training in conflict resolution to find best possible solutions that incorporate the wisdom of each person who comes to the table.   I seek to truly respect diversity, even of opinion, and not demand obedience to my will.  I am not perfect, but I can learn from others.  I am a listener.
I would like to be given an opportunity to help the legislature and citizens step beyond the anger at extreme views to  work for the goals we all share:  safety and support for our families, good neighbors, good health, home and job security, vital communities, and an environmentally strong and prosperous future for New Hampshire.  
 And more than this, I would like to be given the opportunity to listen to each one of you…to achieve this goal, I commit to having regular public meetings, open to anyone, in libraries or other community gathering places, well publicized.  I will want to hear you.
Thank you for “listening” to me.  If I am elected, I will spend far more of my time listening to you, than asking you to listen to me.
Respectfully submitted,
Candace Cole-McCrea
60 Ford Farm Road, Milton 03851
603 652-7594